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Sushi & Sashimi Weekends


Your weekend fun is on us!

The Lighthouse prides itself on serving the best sushi in the Cayman Islands. Our chefs excel at transforming the freshest seafood into tantalizing morsels of luscious and delicate sushi and sashimi specialties with their unique flair. A warm, inviting, and contemporary ambiance elevated with our lavishly prepared sushi among other Italian and seafood cuisine, will have you coming over and over.


Our Menu

 Sashimi  $18
Fresh Seafood, Shredded Daikon , Wasabi and Pickled Ginger
Maguro :Yelow Fin Tuna, Shake :Fresh Salmon,
Tako : Octopus, Ebi:Shrimp, Kobia:Fresh Kobia
Nigiri $15 
Slice Of Fresh Fish On Sushi Rice Pad
Maguro : Yelow Fin Tuna, Shake : Fresh Salmon,
Tako : Octopus, Ebi : Shrimp, Kobia :Fresh Kobia

Temaki $15
Homemade Seaweed Corn With Sushi Rice
California or Spicy Tuna or Salmon Avocado or
Vegetable Maki Roll - Avocado, Mango, Cucumber
Maki Rolls $17
Sushi Roolls With Cream Cheese, Cucumber And Spring Onion
Maguro : Yelow Fin Tuna, Shake : Fresh Salmon,
Tako : Octopus, Ebi : Shrimp, Kobia : Fresh Kobia
Lighthouse Signature Rolls 6pc Per Order
Lighthouse Maki  $17
Grilled Tuna or Salmon or Kobi Served With
Haybird Sauce And Crunchy Arugula
Dynamite Roll  $18
Crab, Shrimp Tempura, Avocado, Pickled Ginger, Salmon On Top, Signature Dynimate Sauce
California Maki Rolls $14.50
Crab Cucumber, Avocado, Cream Cheese, Tobiko
Spicy, Crunchy Maki Roll $16
Tuna Or Salmon, Spring Onion, Kewpie May
Tempura Maki Roll $17
Prawn, Cream Cheese, Spicy Mayo
Sushi And Sashimi Platter $40
Sashimi 2x Tuna, 2x Salmon,2x Kobi
Nigiri 1x Tuna, 1x Salmon, 1x Kobi, 1x Shrimp
One Choice Of Maki
Japanese BBQ
Grilled Miso Teriyaki Salmon $30
Small Bowl Of Rice, Seaweed
Grilled Tuna $32
Teppanyaki Sauce, Small Bowl Of Rice, Seaweed
Grilled Prawns $24
Small Bowl Of Rice, Seaweed
Tempura Prawns $22
Ponzu and Dynamite Sauce


Rock ‘n roll your way in and give in to the temptation of savoring our amazing delicacies of sushi in Grand Cayman. From traditional rolls to our chef’s master creations, we serve an opulent array of dramatically prepared and garnished sushi in Cayman to offer you a delightful experience.


Discover for yourself the taste of this Japanese cuisine prepared with the Caribbean twist.