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THE PORT ROOM Is the jewel of
The Lighthouse Restaurant
The Lighthouse Restaurant has received
The Wine Spectator Award of Excellence Since 1997
Our goal is to help you choose wines that will make you happiest, To give you a balance of information,
we display ratings from different publications, as well as Captain G's. and First Mate Susanna personal notes.
Wine Director : Giuseppe Gatta {Captain G.}
Captain G. = G
First Mate Susanna = S
The Wine Enthusiast = W.E.
The Wine Spectator = W.S.
Wine & Spirits Magazine = W&S
Wine Advocate = W.A.
Classic Great Wine: 95 to 100 or GGGGG or SSSSS
Outstanding: superior character and style 90 to 94 or GGGG or SSSS
Good to Very Good: wine with special qualities 80 to 89 or GGG or SSS
While the ratings may influence your decision, the ultimate judgment is always yours.

Captain G.'s Selection of Premium Wines Served by the Glass






Sommelier Snapshot: The word 'Champagne' comes from the Latin "campania" meaning 'open, flat countryside'.


Biblical Bottles:  Jeroboam 4 bts.- Methuselah 8 bts. - Salmanazar 12 bts.- Balthazar 16 bts. – Nebuchadnezzar 20 bts.

Pinot Grigio

Sommelier Snapshot Pinot Grigio grapes are red, so they must be crushed quickly and gently in order to
extract the juice without gaining colour.

- A light, crisp white wine that is intended to be consumed early on.

Sommelier Snapshot:Chardonnay’s boast an impressive range of flavors from the expected buttered, oak overtones to the fresh,

fruit flavors of apple, pear, citrus and melon, leaving a lasting palate impression. Chardonnay will pair well with poultry dishes,

pork, seafood or recipes that have a heavy cream base.

Sommelier Snapshot: Different varieties of grape have differing aroma and flavor characteristics. Varietal character, however,

while somewhat predictable, is not precise; variations occur, since virtually all vines are propagated by cloning.

Some grape types are more prone to clonal variation, than others. The name of a particular varietal, therefore,

should be considered a "surname" for vines that share a genetic history.

Each varietal "family" may, in turn, include only a few or very many individual "sibling" clones, each with
its own particular traits.

Pinot Noir

Sommelier Snapshot: Pinot Noir is well-suited to pair with poultry, beef, fish, ham, lamb and pork. It will
play well with creamy sauces, spicy seasonings and may just be one of the world's most versatile food

Sommelier Snapshot: Typically Sangiovese grapes make medium to full-bodied wines with tannin
structure ranging from medium-soft to firm. Dominate flavours associated with Sangiovese derived wines
include: cherry, plum, strawberry, cinnamon and vanilla, the finish can range from elegant to bitter. Well-
matched for the flavours of chicken, red meat, fish, lamb, pork, pastas, stews or well-aged cheeses.

Excellent wine for Italian foods, especially with tomato-based sauces.

Captain G.’s Notes

Chianti comes from the Chianti region of Tuscany, Italy. Only wines from this region
can properly be called Chianti, although some other areas are using the name on their
labels. Chianti was first identified as a type in the 13th century. Its primary red grapes
are Sangiovese and Canaiolo, while the main whites are Trebbiano and Malvasia.

Sommelier Snapshot:

Barolo is the King of wines and the wine of Kings, typically a deep red wine. Their flavor is thick and
complex. Some are flowery - violets, roses. Others are fruit, licorice, or oaky.

Barbaresco wines are lighter, more elegant. Both wines goes well with rich meat dishes.

Sommelier Snapshot: A range of fresh flavours such as plums, cherries, blueberries and blackberries
mixed with black pepper tones, typically dominate this

smooth red wine. Merlot goes well with poultry, red meat, pork, pastas and salads.

Sommelier Snapshot: Cabernet Sauvignon range from medium-bodied to full-bodied and are
characterized by their high tannin content which serve to provide structure and intrigue while supporting
a rich, ripe berry, tobacco and sometimes green pepper flavor. Cabs going really well with red meats,
flavorful and heartier (red) pastas, lamb, strong-flavored cheese, and chocolates.

Sommelier Snapshot: Shiraz wines display firm tannins (although they are typically ripe and smooth, not
abrasive like younger reds can be), a fuller body, and the rich round flavors of black cherry, blackberry,
plum, bell pepper, black pepper, clove, licorice, dark chocolate and smoked meat. Shiraz is great for
grilled meats or veggies, wild game, richly flavored red meats, beef stew and meat lover's pizza.

Sommelier Snapshot: The Zinfandel feature flavors include: raspberry, blackberry, cherry, plums, raisins,
spice and black pepper all wrapped around intensities of oak.

Zinfandel pairs well with red or white meat.

Late harvest is a term applied to wines made from grapes left on the vine longer than usual. Late harvest
is usually an indication of a sweet dessert wine, such as late harvest Riesling. Late harvest grapes are
often more similar to raisins, but have been naturally dehydrated while on the vine.Botrytis cinerea,
or noble rot, is a mold that causes grapes to lose nearly all of their water content. Wines made from
botrytis-affected grapes are generally very sweet.